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Sunday, February 12, 2012


It’s time for our legislators to do the job or get out of the way. Their record is abysmal. 

Emergency Managers (EMs), small-time dictators, are now taking over cities and schools. 

Students are going without libraries, physical education and art classes. 

Students are packed in their classrooms like sardines, and as a result are not getting the attention they need and deserve.

Privatization is rising; wages are falling.

Taxes have increased 1,000% on our poorest residents (by legislators who call themselves pro family).

The 1% is gaining ground at the expense of the 99%.

And the legislators who got us into this mess have millions of dollars with which to convince the electorate this is what’s best for us.

I have a question for you. Should we stand by and watch?  Or should we to stand together to create a brighter future for Michigan? 

My vote is for us to stand and fight.  We can do it; we can put reasonable people back into the legislature.  But it won’t be easy.  It will take the participation of every last person who sees what is happening and doesn’t like it.
There is so much we can do. 

Number one on that list is electing legislators who will truly represent us.

We have a fantastic candidate in the 91st district. Her name is Collene Lamonte; she is a high school science teacher, bright capable and hard-working.  I support her 1000%.  You can learn more about Collene by going to her Facebook Page, Collene Lamonte for Michigan’s 91st District.  Please go there and “like.”

Please study up on Collene and then let me know how you can help. 

Remember. We can do this.  But it will take all of us.

Mary Valentine
(If you would like to donate to Collene’s campaign, please go to: