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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This post was written by Steve Markel, Muskegon County Democratic Party Chair,  He read it at the Take Back the American Dream rally which was held on the steps of the capital last Saturday.  The crowd loved it and chanted with him:  
We Are One.
If we are to reclaim our middle class we must set aside our differences and remember that


This country's Freedoms have been built by  American soldiers’ sacrifices.

This country's economy has been built by the American hardworking middleclass' abilities.

This country's intellect has been built by our American public educational system.

 Where would this country be if it weren’t for the American solider?

Where would Henry Ford be if it weren’t for labor?

Where would Bill Gates be if it weren’t for educators?

Let the terrorist that threaten our freedoms know, we are one.

Let the greedy that threaten to destroy the middle class know, we are one.

Let the uninformed that threaten to rob our children of an education know, we are one.
Stand up and be seen that we are one.

Shout out and be heard that we are one.

And never stop believing we are one.

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  1. I like the bit about Henry Ford and labor. Labor is always prior to capital. That's from Abraham Lincoln, by the way. Every Pope from Leo XIII in the 18th century to Benedict in this century have said the same thing. Both of my grandfathers were immigrants. When they came to America, in search of a better life, they went to work in fields, mines, and factories. They, and millions of men and women like them, built the American dream. By the collective sweat of their brow they hammered out the makings of a great middle class existence. That dream, all their efforts, are now threatened by the greedy who delight in taking from the needy. Let my final salvo be directed to St. Ronald Reagan. No, Ronnie, greed is not a good thing. Never was. The nuns in my parocial school always taught me that greed was one of the deadly capital sins. Hmm? Got that, Koch brothers?