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Monday, February 4, 2013


    January 31, 2013
Dear Editor,

    I am writing in response to your January 29 story ³State police spent
$900,000 extra during protests over right-to-work.²
    Even though it was not specifically stated that the protesters were the
cause of this additional expenditure, it was implied.
    What I would have loved to have read in the Chronicle was the real
reason for the protests which was the betrayal of Michigan¹s unionized
workers by Governor Snyder.
    After stating many, many times before the November election that he
doubted he would sign a right to work bill if it crossed his desk because it
was too divisive, Governor Snyder, after the election, turned around and
requested the House and Senate to put a right to work bill on his desk
during the lame duck session.
    Then he had the nerve to say that because Proposal 2 failed the people
really wanted Michigan to become a right to work state.
    I think the people of Michigan wanted to leave the state constitution
alone and took Governor Snyder at his word about not signing into law a
right to work bill.
    That¹s the betrayal.
    That¹s the real reason for the protest.
    How on Earth can we ever believe him again.?
                             Laurel Raisanen

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